The Facial Surgery of THE DERAILMENT

Dear readers,

The Derailment has received a facial surgery (and an unprecedented level of eroticism and topics). Actually, a logical conclusion – because last year The Derailment was, by the number of users and possibly due to the work I have invested, more successful than ever before since the beginning in 2007. Thank you (and I thank myself) for that!

Much traffic causes much fun for the one who build the “streets”, in consequence of your attention a stupid ego inside of me, but most of it all much traffic causes many traces, as invaluable expensive feedback and consequently some insights, learnings and new ideas. So I have a work to do: make this site a better one. For the upcoming year, many ideas are on my agenda. Innovations and improvements. Both: content and appearance. Wait and read or listen (to our selected tunes on tumblr while watching sexy nude guys) or watch (the exquisite short films, videos, photographs and film trailers.)! Enjoy gay life, culture, the movements and get inspired by! I will show you more than the years before.

I ( and consequently you, dear reader) have and will learn about gay history (to pass and understand the future). But I want to prove that fun and seriousness must not be mutually exclusive. The more you’ll click, the more I’ll think it works. There will come some interesting information about people which activism in the gay rights movement is impressive (much more than my english).

The change in design is only one of many steps in 2012. I will make my thoughts to make this site a more exciting one. Furthermore I should have sort the existing categories again: The photographs, for example, have to be separated from the videos, the interviews from the poltics, the feet from the sneakers (?) …

With the gay fetishes I will also try to deal more. Because the previous little research has shown to me that there is just little quality reporting on this fascinating topic(s) and on the other side much interest within the gay population – I know, nobody wants to be honest … I will take the challenge to research and tell you about special interests on my way, about your ways.

As in the old design our huge archive of links, below the former page, you paid much too little attention. Justifiably – nobody noticed it. But the linkarchive has become – besides all the other things within these website – an attractive major component on The Derailment. And I find more interesting things about gay life everyday.

From now on you will find the links, together with a selected and clear set of all the new (and the most read) posts right in the sidebar. Slightly lower there you’ll find our categories and the archive (since 2007). All the categories you can also find above the post and below the main title of the blog.

Many of the links (or categories) will show incredibly good content. The potential that lies behind the links I will describe later on in my next posts. Okay, some of them will offer just only sexual content, within any or without intelligence, inspiration. But sometimes we need food for the animal inside of us, aren’t we?

I am grateful for the extraordinary attention and interest in naked men, hot boys, vintage images (I will give you the best vintage gallery this year!), sexy gays, the poetic pornography (and hopefully in the following months, also in all that stuff, which I will publish in addition of all that). No I am grateful for your visits …

2012 will be an exciting year for The Derailment. Because the blog won’t give bare skin, gay eroticism his only attention. The Derailment will increasingly highlight the independent artists and activists of the gay community. In small steps we will take arty and historical traces.

I hope you enjoy it as much and more as I myself!

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