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No, history is not boring, it depends on who is telling it and if he knows what he speaks because he has experienced it.

Entertainer, activist and drag queen Lady Bunny (Bun-Bun) in a very interesting dialogue exchange with author and activist Larry Kramer, a walking, talking memorial of the gay community’s rise and fall over the past 40-50 years. Larry Kramer helped found Gay Mens Health Crisis and ACT UP (also actuporalhistory). They are talkin’ about the gay population, gays in the White House, the state of activism and the importance of teaching LGBT history to future generations. I love this comical looking but intelligent couple and how they perform together.

In The Life Media produces change through innovative media that exposes social injustice by chronicling lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender life and providing our audiences with effective ways to advance equality within and beyond our communities.

Author and activist Larry Kramer, who helped found Gay Mens Health Crisis and ACT UP, sits down with entertainer and Wigstock founder Lady Bunny.

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