Humanity Needs Saving From Homosexuality

An intellectual is a person who’s found one thing that’s more interesting than sex. Put aside the poetics attached to the creative sex act and deal with people as God created them. It is worse if the pope has not understood the gay life, culture or rights movement until now. Or should I think, how rude is it that all the popes apparently have been closed to minorities? And who … sorry … is speekin’ about humanity? The Pope? The pope said humanity needed to listen to the language of creation to understand the intended roles of man and woman. He compared behaviour beyond traditional heterosexual relations as a destruction of God’s work.

The vatican has a current obsession with homosexuals, clearly visible by his virulent campaign against homosexuals. The pope says humanity needs saving from homosexuality. Homosexuals need saving from the pope (not from the catholic church). It is more the case that we need to be saved from his comments. It is comments like this that justify homophobic bullying that goes on in schools and it is comments like this that justify gay bashing. And humanity needs saving from … leaders, completely independent of which kind of leaders, if they do not speak or act in the interests of all. Saving from homosexuality or transsexual behaviour, he, the pope said, is just important as saving the rainforests. What is going on in your mind, wise guy? There are still many instances of people being killed around the world, including in western society, purely and simply because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity. When you have religious leaders like the pope, making that sort of statement then followers feel they are justified in behaving in an violent way because they feel that they are doing God’s work in ridding the world of these people.

People always fear what they don’t understand, aren’t they? I fear an attitude about human sexuality that is beyond primitive. What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence, Bertrand Russell wrote, is an index to his desires – desires of which he himself is often unconscious. Is the pope gay? I hope that some day there will be the beginning of putting religion behind politics.

We all live on this giant rock for such a small amount of time. And then we’re gone. Why make other people’s lives more difficult because of your own insecurities and weaknesses? Enjoy your life because you are long time dead!

Being gay is not a modern invention

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