I Would Like To Be Gay …

… thank you! We broke our own user-record of all time (since 2007). The attention we received for this mixed peaces of gay culture is daunting us. Never there was so much traffic (learning and fun) before.

In the past few weeks we worked hard (it was more thinking) to make our site more findable to satisfy your needs … basically, the work means nothing else to us than sharing our interests and preferences with you: Being gay, not in a stereotypical way. As a result the audience and also the traffic on our site exploded like never before. Thank you for let us being what we selected. Obviously it is all in the mix. There is no rule today that will fit tomorrow.

This means we are on our way and also that we will spread topics even further into the internet-world and mind, to more people to make alternatives, or should we say  g a y, more popular, more omnipresent everywhere, if people will talkin’ about (yes, there are always some serious topics or lines between all that poetic porn included which you can talk about! … and we haven’t finished our plans yet).

We would like to say: Thank you for your attention, your visits (and every click!). For us, these little things are very important for our big picture and just to support all the others round the globe, who deserve our deepest respect for their fighting against narrow mind mentality. And we will go on with it: Learning better english and combine the poetic porn with the poetry of activism and politics.

Please, stay tuned!

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