Gay Fetish? Free Your Mind!

Feet are, indeed, a focus of erotic pleasure for many people. In the gay community, it seems that socks, feet and sneakers for a few … no, for lot of gays provide an unprecedented level of eroticism or exercise attraction in a sexual way. Cultures such as the Mandarin Chinese and Victorian English celebrated feet, experiencing them as lively sexual objects worthy of worship.

Smelling, looking, touching, and sucking are among the ways people express this preference. There were more than just only some inquiries from gays in the previous years on my gay-dating-account (…), not just inquiries from gays, wether they are allowed to get on my feet, respectively on my socks. To kiss them, sniff the socks, my sneakers, to smell them, suck or take them in there mouth, to give the toes a massage by the tongue. Well, the feet, theories say, sharing the same sensory cortex as the genitals.

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Good Sex, Bad Sex, It Depends on

What is this? Other guys were loving to deal with my pants, in the same way (I do) – but this, no one questions this. They love it to suck my dick through the underpants. Socks could have something in common with the appeal of mens underwear and the physical zones on mens body in general. You don’t think so?

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We all love the smell, the taste of men in general, aren’t we? Nobody say it would be strange to lick or kiss the testicles or dick of another. We love it, I guess. To taste them, to take them in our mouth. And please, don’t tell me, you have no fun by smell the odor, the flavour of a masculine peace of men. This is not pornographie and it isn’t a fetish but just only because we all love and do it? And if it seems so, that someone do something individual, like sniffing socks, licking feet, sucking toes, worshipping your feet, we call it (gay foot) fetish? Is that we call living (or thinking) in a box?

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Do we know what we do, if we judge the things someone do in general, just only because we don’t like them? Do you like the (hairy) armpits of men? Sometimes full of sweat. Do you love to lick a dick or an asshole, smell other mens t-shirt? Some men prefer to love other mens socks, feet or sneakers, smell them. Some men do, get over it.

It doesn’t really fit for explanation to put all this kind of eroticism, of gay needs out of the ordinary lovething, that a man need and call it fetish, does it? They, who practice their obsessions, don’t think about fetishism. About “male foot fetish”. They sometimes may think about our conditional way of thinking, our moral or that we could be frightened to live our loving ways like we love to do it. Free your mind. Unless your sexual preference for feet becomes a problem, let go of the search for a cause and just enjoy it.

Don’t misunderstand – I don’t talk about things or practices that inflict pain on another or special interests like bare backing, a no-go. But poor is the man whose pleasures depends on a permission of another. Read without prejudice, if you can – and just think about. Some of us should begin (or stop) to judge the things (and the people) with this matter of course. Apart from that it can be much fun. Try it, let it happen! Than, there will be more experience and reasons to decide wether you like it or not.

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