Good Sex. Bad Sex. It Depends On …

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Sex is underrated. Sex is overestimated, is being abused, is often used as a pretext to end a relationship – if the sexual energy will end. Nobody talks about what sex and relationship have in common. Maybe nothing.

Sex is having an orgasm, having anal sex, is to masturbate, some say sex sells … Sex means fun but physical sex – in regular – is a time-limited situation. Usually we want repetition if it was good. But we love sex without expectations and we don’t want routine. Ever had anonymous gay sex with someone you met online? Sex is limited by society’s moral. The sexual freedom is the result of our education, culture, tradition or the illusions of the (hollywood-) films we’ve seen or the literature we ‘ve read in our lives. What’s about gay fetish? Free your mind!

Is sex equal to sexual charisma and is sexual charisma less time-limited than physical sex? What is the enemy of sexual fulfillment? Is sex always funny? Perhaps not always and in particular not for those who present only an object to others, who are suffer … Have you ever played a sexual object, role, games … Sex is what we thinking about. Sex doesn’t mean love. Does it? Some might argue the opposite. Love doesn’t need sex. Some might argue the opposite. But we love to reproduce an amount of nonsense from silly people who themselves never consider before opening their mouth and talking so called wisdom about the meaning of love or sex.

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Some might say this is nonsense. If you believe in things you don’t understand than you suffer – Stevie Wonder sings. Sex is sometimes only physical attraction. Sex sometimes feels good and sometimes the same sex can cause bad feelings.

If you own the ability to be in the moment while having sex, if you can drop yourself, letting go your expectations, dedicating or giving yourself to another, maybe than we are close to … ourselves. Good sex means being close to yourself. It’s up to you.

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