Homosexuals: A Danger For Rulers In Russia

St. Petersburg’s (orthodox) law against “homosexual propaganda” went into effect. The new russian law is o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y directed against the so-called propaganda of homosexuality towards persons under age. That’s what the rulers said …

Life is getting harder for russias gay communities / May 2012 / sbs.com
Are you ‘casually homophobic’? / Oct 2012 / sbs.com

Saint Petersburg (and three other russian cities) passed a law punishing people for promoting homosexuality to youth. Moscow should be also defeated by this law. Maybe also the whole of Russia. Human Rights Watch criticized the law as so vague that it could lead to a ban on displaying a rainbow flag or wearing a T-shirt with a gay-friendly logo or even on holding LGBT-themed rallies in the city.

Vitaly Milonov is member of a parish council of a local Orthodox church, he wrote the bill and said it would not be used against the media or to stop gay pride parades, and was meant to “outline certain additional rules of behavior toward minors” It would only affect “children’s environments,” Milonov told the St. Petersburg TimesIf society believes that some model of behavior doesn’t correspond to society’s interests, then society reacts to it, Milonov said.

russia against homosexuality

From Russia With Hate.

While the authorities argue the measures are necessary to safeguard children from the rising popularity of sexual deviations, rights groups have warned of the slide towards legitimizing fascism, said Alexei Korolyov, from RIA Novosti, a russian magazine, in december 2011.

Russian media reported that the new law imposes fines of up to roughly $170 for individuals, $1,700 for officials and $17,000 for legal entities for advocating homosexuality to minors. It makes it illegal to foster “the false perception that traditional and nontraditional relationships are socially equal” among youth, says queerplanet.

Nytimes Author Masha Gessen explains what would fall under the definition of this law:

Any book or periodical that contains, say, a mention of same-sex marriage or a same-sex relationship — unless the book or periodical is sold at an adults-only bookstore. Public displays of affection among same-sex couples would also be an offense. For gay or lesbian parents, simply living with their children might be a breach.


In Russia a civil society develops. The Gay-Communities in Russia belonged to the first ones which have organised itself. They were the first ones which have gone to the public. This step has made the power-having fear – not (only) because homosexuality shows a danger and for every public appearance of an organised group it is a danger for the rulers. Because one would like to keep complete control.

[We hope that St. Petersburg remains an open and welcoming city for all, and that the important activities of Russian LGBT organizations to support gay people will be able to continue.]

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