Curated Masculinity: Gay Male, Gay Boys, Gay Men

The Derailment introduces new gay tumblrs over and over again (and an amount of websites, blogs or videos). Of course we also have our own tumblr galleries. And we have advertised these on our website regularly. This must be the reason why the same belong to the most frequented ones probably. This pleases us very much, of course. After 70.000 visitors since the beginning of this blog in 2007 (and 40.000 in 2012), here are the tumblrs which our readers were visited the most till today:

1. It is about the Golden Age Of Gay Erotica: The Derailment Vintage Gallery – a massive data base of vintage and gay themed visuals. Nude men, boys, gay muscles, hairy young men, underwear … constantly updated.

Gay Vintage, The Derailment, gay vintage tumblr

2. The Derailment Tumblr – For real boys, real males. No boring attitudes. Curated masculinity. The Derailment of the imaginative. The aesthetics of our eyes. Fashion, so called fetish and selected music tunes for a real break. Please be welcome to our biggest exhibition of gay materials, found on the internet …

FOR REAL BOYS. REAL MALES. Nude, Hairy and Sexy

3. Socks vs. Feet: Socks and male feet, bare feet, boys feet or sneakers. The rest is about nudity. Obviously you like it.

Socks, Feet, , Gay, Male

gay tumblr, gay tumblr archives, gay pictures, gay, homosexual

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