It’s a mental masturbation

Fashion is masturbation in many ways, you may think. And your right: Fashion send us an amazing amount of sexual signals to guide us the way to mental masturbation. No one is more sexy as a smart, intelligent man who knows how to dress and choose his cloth. So, if you have a secret need to pimp your sex appeal (without train your muscles), you should first stop watching (if you can!) at our nude boys, hairy butts or muscles – you better look first for good inspirations to prepare yourself (and your own appearance). Secondly you can still spend a lot of time on the everyday sexual madness of nude male-stuff.

mens fashion, male fashion, male style

Above and below you can follow an unbelievable amount of curated fashion-ideas on the tumblr gallery titled it’s a mental masturbation. Not only for fashion victims.

style journal, london, gay men, gay boys, mens fashion

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