Close to 100.000 visitors

While we are on holidays, to get inspired by summer, The Derailment  is close to its goal, which we decided to reach in the beginning of 2012: top the line of 100.000 visitors in this year.

We are thankful for what we’ve got – always your attention. So, today we should thank our supporters again, the amazing operators of all the homoerotic blogs, gay tumblrs and websites, which bring us so continuously visitors on our sides.

Please, don’t forget, we use the homoerotic materials (or some may say: pornographic ones) to transport the heavy topics on our site (for good reasons). It the mix it all helps the other stuff to coming out.

Thank you from the floor of our hearts. We will try to return the attention back to these supporters / activists, international networks ( too!), gay blogs, because we always get more of this attention and we will give it back to them, to the people who feed us with their materials, so that these people can grow too – with their projects when we cause traffic back to them. Never forget: You get what you fuckin’ give.

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