The Anti-Gay Speakers

Anti-Gay-Speakers regularly talkin’ about the values and forms of behavior of their own peer group. They are automatically taking on its attitudes, speech, and styles of dress and adornment. Actually nobody knows what may be on their minds as they go along with the crowd. Even a few of them are frightened to step out of those circles.

Let’s think about the issue we call gay marriage, for example, or as I like to call it: marriage. So called gay marriage has been legal throughout different nations since (sometimes) many years. The economy and social fabric of these states or nations, who has equalized the rights of gays are still strong. The sky usually hasn’t fallen yet in these countries. So even God must be on their side. Nevertheless anti-gay speakers in governments all over the globe apparently don’t know much about what the separation of church and state really means, they have obviously no understanding of the intent and function or maybe they are just against those separation. Perhaps they are against gay marriage because it’s easier to go along with the crowd. But therefore they shouldn’t predict the future, like when they say, that gay marriage would destroy the nation. Stupidity does but gay marriage doesn’t destroy anything except the advantages of majorities.

It often seems like the anti-gay speakers get their ideas of how to behave by identifying with their groups, their peers, their religious or moral peer group. They are automatically taking on its attitudes, behaviors, speech, and styles of dress and adornment. Breaking the rules is always a sure way to find ourselves out of the group. Sometimes we all may deny our deepest passions to stay connected with our peers. The tendency to conformity in our society is strong, says Solomon Asch, Psychologist.

The job of a real politician is to represent all sections of a country, to be forward thinking not regressive. Gay people do not pose a threat to our society, but bigoted ignorance does, it divides. No one should be treated like a second class citizen. It’s worth mentioning that our forefathers, some clear thinkers, split church and state or in other words, they build a wall of separation between church and state (Thomas Jefferson) for a good reason. And that wall must be kept high and impregnable. Otherwise religion could get influence in the cloak of politician and morality. It’s like reading newspapers without knowing that every article is only advertising. Our homework is to make a difference between good and bad newspapers, politicians and governments. We have to separate them. At the minimum we should compare them.

Perhaps religion separates – praying love while creating outsiders. Maybe it destroys also the right to live and worship differently. I am fine with people who are religious, of course! But for the love of their lord, they should stop whipping it out in public and shoving down their beliefs to the throats of children. Just tell kids nobody is born hetero, homo, or bi, we’re born sexual and we all have different tastes in sex.

There was a time when Blacks had no rights, Women had no rights, Jews had no rights. Still they want to take away the rights of people who love each other. If Women were given the right to vote then what?

Often there is no separation of church and state. And the religious anti-gay speakers to often get media attention while they are allowed to be a continued voice in government while polarizing realities. They have no facts to support their opinions, they are all prattle and nonsense. They countermand their own religious teachings. They should remember: Gay marriage is already happening in other states and nations and they seem fine so what’re they talking about?
anti-gay, same sex marriage, gay marriage, equal rights, Chief Justice Candidate: Gay Marriage Will Destroy Nation, Roy Moore, Alabama
The True Meaning Of Separation Of Church And State / 09.2011 /

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