The Brutal Beauty Of The Masculine Sexuality

The man behind the following tumblr, titled Lago di Lot and that I would like to introduce today has

Straight Guys Anal Sex

Straight Guys Anal Sex

produced an excellent exhibition in the recent month. The instep breadth of the topics is wide and low. Sexuality, the poetic brutality of sexual obsession, tenderness, romance and also art are only a few words which aren’t describe the tumblr at all. Its audience is invited to have a look at the terrible reality of our gay existence in one of the most beautiful images I’ve seen on

Lago di Lot is still one of my favorite tumblr accounts, always a recommendation, worth-looking and for The Derailment always a source of inspiration as searching for gay themed material for my blog. Thank you Lago di Lot! Our recent recommendations towards your tumblr has made him one of the most clicked favorites of our users and this year.

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