To Legalize Love

Maybe you’ve heard there are more than 76 countries in our world where you can already be jailed for being gay. Moreover there are ten where you can be killed or imprisoned for life. If the Kill The Gays bill comes back in the new year, Uganda could become number 11.

All fights back. They organize an opposition which is fierce, well-funded, and they are fighting harder now than ever before. All says that american evangelicals with millionaires backing them are pushing a right-wing agenda to Uganda. They’ve teamed up with Ugandan leaders who want to distract voters from the real problems they’re failing to address – like corruption. That, they say, is how the Kill The Gays bill was born.

Bildschirmfoto 2012-12-19 um 16.55.18This is such a critical time. On Monday, a man named Roger in Cameroon lost his case challinging his 3-year prison sentence under an anti-gay law. In Russia, there’s a proposed law before Parliament that would it illegal to even talk about being gay.

All wants to make sure to be able to stand up to these laws where they’re already sending people to jail. They can stop new laws just like them from passing. They can response whenever crises like the one in Uganda emerge.

All Out is ready to leap into action when they’re needed most. When the Ugandan Speaker promised to pass the Kill The Gays bill before Christmas or when the Nigerian parliament tried to slip the Jail The Gays bill under the radar, they were there, fighting back.

With opportunistic, homophobic forces spreading out across the globe, they need to be there pursuing equality before they can inflame more hate. Will you make sure they have the resources they need to respond where the need is greatest? Give before the deadline and if they meet there goal, your gift will be worth an extra US$ 50,000 to fight the anti-gay laws.

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