So God Made A Gay Man (Spot)

We need someone with a will strong enough to rustle rejection from those who love him, to repel the abuse from those who condemn him, wish him ill, call him ‘fairy,’ and ‘flamer, and ‘freak,’ and ‘faggot.’ And yet, someone forgiving enough to open his arms when they finally understand his heart and soul are no different from their own. So God* made a gay man.

Gay publication Crew magazine produced a video commending the resilience, creativity, and pride of gay men, a touching tribute to the strength of gay men. The spot is based on the recent Dodge Ram Superbowl spot, God Made a Farmer, which has become an Internet sensation. The CREW spot portrays the myriad of challenges that gay men face even today, as well as celebrates the contributions they make to every aspect of modern society.

* Everyone has their own beliefs.

god made a gay man, with a will strong enough

god made a gay man - spot

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CREW Magazine

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