The mastery of the male nude figure

We built a kingdom dedicated to the pleasures of male flesh and nude men in explicit poses and saturated colors. Our gallery deals with the mastery of the male nude figure, the confrontation of devilishly beautiful male nude figures in tense erotic situations, studies of nude male torsos, homosexuality, showing athletic men in a fierce fight, emphasises the powerful aesthetic beauty of limbs and muscles, the male entirely nude, the integration of art with everyday life . It’s all about the breathtakingly male body.

gay blog art, gay art, nude male artMore Art on THE DERAILMENT

  1. This is one of the most interesting blogs i have seen. Fantastically rich in style taste and history!

    • missgeschick said:

      Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

      • With my more artistic work that I do not put on they net, it is based in art history references especially baroque art and late renaissance. So I reeeeealy appreciate your posts. thanks and take care!

        • missgeschick said:

          I really would like to see these pieces of your work!

          • Maybe I will make Blog only for those works….

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