Equality – What we didn’t have yesterday

What a great triumph today with the rulings from the Supreme Court of the United States regarding marriage equality. Let us take today to celebrate, but tomorrow our work continues.  As shown by another ruling from the court this week about the Voting Rights Act, nothing is safe.  As long as there are those whose bigotry demands unequal treatment because of race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation or whatever other labels they use to segregate and discriminate, the work of those who seek justice and equality continues.  Yes, today we celebrate, but tomorrow we must continue the fight until each and every citizen, regardless of where they live, can enjoy the simple right and dignity of joining in marriage with the person they love.  There are 37 states remaining where same sex marriage is not allowed.  Our fight must continue until that number is zero.  But, oh, doesn’t it feel so good today?

Found on June 26th at whim’s world tumblr

MArriage Equality, gay rights, Jimmy Kimmel on gay marriage.

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