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As you already may noticed, I don’t blog anymore. That does not necessarily mean that this is the end, my friend. I just looking forward to find a reason to proceed this project. There is a lot of stuff going on in the outside world and I really often think about how it could be documented in a useful way. All that porn, that brutality, all the violence and beauty, the injustice, stupidity … I think I like to take my time to get a new perspective on how things will work, even if it will be far away from the homosexual perspectives. There is so much more connected, so much more context according to all that homo-issues. But before I will write it down, I have to figure out how and I will think about it twice.

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You are looking for hard facts? You can find them without detours: For everyone we roll out the gay sources (tumblr, blogs, websites, videos) in our right side bar. There you can find a hugh variety of categorized and sorted links to horny hot skinny boys, muscled visuals and homoerotic facts, stunning gay eroticism, gay pornography, gay photographygay fetish, menswear, incredible fashionbest gay tumblrsvideostrailermusic, arts and so much more incredible issues. And if you have cravings for gay men photography, click the pictures below!

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These year you all broke our user-record since 2007. The traffic and attention we received for this mixed data base of gay culture is daunting us. But after these few years of blogging we learned some little things about numbers, user-traffic numbers, while watching hysterical at those numbers – numbers just numbers. Well, you shouldn’t say that as an entrepreneur. But most of the time we are amateurs – lovers, friends of gay culture. In the original sense, an amateur is someone who does something for the love of it. Amateurs do what they do because they have a passion for it, not because it pays the bills, says the author of the book The Element, Sir Ken Robinson

If there is a single mind who was inspired or fulfilled by The Derailment, our unit is done. We’ll continue this work. It just means spreading the worlds greatest capital  – love – into the (internet-) world and mind. As a result our audience and also the traffic on our site exploded. More than 100.000 users visited this blog until january 2012. In the years between 2007 – 2011 we counted round about 40.000 visits.

We would like to say: Thank you for your lovely attention, your visits (and every click!). For us, these little things are very important for our big picture and to support the ones round the globe, who deserve our respect for their enlightening fighting against narrow dark mind mentalities. It’s all about fear and education. And we will go on with it: Learning better english and combine the poetic porn with the poetry of fascinating activism and politics.

Please, have fun!

gay blog, gay tumblr, gay men, nude boys

There is a gay community, of course, with needs, energy, networks round the globe. And there are only a few places on this fragile lovely globe, maybe because of political, religious or cultural reasons, maybe because they are without or less information-infrastructure, where no networks exist and nobody knows (of course!) about The Derailment.

The Derailment use even homoerotic pictures (or some may say: pornographic ones) to transport the more heavy gay themed topics on our site to reach a wider range of public attention. It helps the gay stuff to coming out. Every year we count more visitors and we’ll try to give back the attention to supporters / activists, international networks ( too!), gay blogs, because we always get more of this attention and we will give it back to them, to the people who feed us with their materials, so that these people can grow too – with their projects when we cause traffic back to them. Never forget: You get what you fuckin’ give – always  and everywhere.

Okay, there are some gaps round the world and within the gay network-community. But there may come a time of increasing attention, connection, exchange and better networks. Right, nobody said that it would be easy but here you can see clearly, there is a gay community on this globe …

Underneath you see a world map which shows from where our visitors were coming since february 2012 – about 88.000 visitors. It’s unbelievable if I compare it with last year and the public attention towards this blog (about 11.000 visitors in 2011).

If there is someone out there who wants to post on this page to reach m-o-r-e international public attention, please let me know and give me a simple sign! ‘My‘ audience is ‘your’ audience and if you have something in common with the words/philosophy above and something to tell, let me/us/it know it. I would like to help if there is something political, some good arts, some poetic thoughts, stories of your mind/life/area which are worth telling … You can give me a message on facebook (The Derailment) or also in the comments-field beneath.

Thanks to wordpress, to visualize these information.

While we are on holidays, to get inspired by summer, The Derailment  is close to its goal, which we decided to reach in the beginning of 2012: top the line of 100.000 visitors in this year.

We are thankful for what we’ve got – always your attention. So, today we should thank our supporters again, the amazing operators of all the homoerotic blogs, gay tumblrs and websites, which bring us so continuously visitors on our sides.

Please, don’t forget, we use the homoerotic materials (or some may say: pornographic ones) to transport the heavy topics on our site (for good reasons). It the mix it all helps the other stuff to coming out.

Thank you from the floor of our hearts. We will try to return the attention back to these supporters / activists, international networks ( too!), gay blogs, because we always get more of this attention and we will give it back to them, to the people who feed us with their materials, so that these people can grow too – with their projects when we cause traffic back to them. Never forget: You get what you fuckin’ give.

Compared to the last year’s monthly periods the visitor’s traffic has increased again in january and february. Thank you for your attention, your visits (and every click!). For us, the fact of permanent increasing traffic are very important for our targets (generate attention for the gay community, for supporting the gay rights movement) to support all the others round the globe, who deserve our deepest respect for their fighting against narrow mind mentality in so many cases and countries. Go ahead! And we will go on with combining the poetic porn with the poetry of activism and politics and with suggesting to visit all your pages and listening to your media.

Febr. 2012 compared with Febr. 2011 = + 474%

February 2012 compared with January 2012 = + 156%

January 2012 compared with December 2011 = + 87%

Average per day 2012 (till february) c.w. average p.d. 2011 (summarized) = + 490%

The Derailment ON AIR will start on sunday, 4th march, with music that tries to serve the taste of those who do not belong to the (gay) mainstream. Music which strengthens the heart, that will delight, stabilizes the backbone, will let you cry or brightens the mood. So we can chat while listening to the tunes …

Just download the app* on and seek our account, “the derailment radio” to follow us. We start on sunday, 13 p.m. (CET), 4th march, the derailment finest tunes for heart, backbones and mood. Faithful readers already know our personal taste in music from the tumblr account. We have only the best derailments for you. Stay tuned!

*It may be that the app is currently only available in germany.

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