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I am not a friend of fashion victims but I really like male models when there look authentic, obstinate, selected, pretty, attractive. I think it’s a matter of photography, perspective, the right males, attitude and all those stuff that makes every man to a likable guy.  The male model tumblr Go Smoke offers a tremendously archive with expressive model faces within.

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male model tumblr, male model archive, male fashionYou could also join the male model archive of The Derailment.

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Fashion is masturbation in many ways, you may think. And your right: Fashion send us an amazing amount of sexual signals to guide us the way to mental masturbation. No one is more sexy as a smart, intelligent man who knows how to dress and choose his cloth. So, if you have a secret need to pimp your sex appeal (without train your muscles), you should first stop watching (if you can!) at our nude boys, hairy butts or muscles – you better look first for good inspirations to prepare yourself (and your own appearance). Secondly you can still spend a lot of time on the everyday sexual madness of nude male-stuff.

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Above and below you can follow an unbelievable amount of curated fashion-ideas on the tumblr gallery titled it’s a mental masturbation. Not only for fashion victims.

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Men didn’t used to be so concerned with their hair, but times have changed. Heads are covered with hats, mini-gardens, caravels and with cages containing birds. The imagination has no limit. But you better should be always conscious over the fact that a complex styling would not allow one to move or sleep normally. Furthermore heads of men are an ideal breeding ground for lice and other parasites because haircuts are carried weeks and months. Nowadays male haircuts are characterized with the return to natural beauty, healthy appearance, tidy looks, modesty and dignity. Men usually were satisfied with only one shampoo, but now, gentlemen, they are being offered a complete set of hair care products. Take it easy and get your inspiration in our gallery

Male Hair Style, Male Haircut, Male Hairstyle

Male Hair Style, Male Haircut, Male Hairstyle

Male Hair Style, Mal Hairstyle, Mens Haircut, Mal Haircut

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Finest collection of bearded men, vintage and modern styles for your inspiration. From the bearded youngish to the older men. Please welcome to our gallery!

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Today the male models receive our attention. Especially the natural ones, the faces of the boys men and old young ones, not the usual suspects, rather the likeable ones. The data below is – as always – just only a small crop of the colossal sums, a tiny tip of the rarely seen erotic male model visuals we have found for you and collected.

This website is full of surprises, recommendations, links to more photographies, videos, poetic pornography, lyrical eroticism and worth reading knowledge. You will find all the delightful former posts in the category fashion and models above and our previous sources in the prosperous right side bar. Prepare yourself for a rough ride and remain furthermore curious!

Our style guide for mens clothing or so called mens fashion – from the haircut to the socks and sneakers on The Derailment tumblr Your Stylish Attitude. Click the images / categories below and get an inspiration about mens fashion and the male street styles. Get inspired and listen to the tunes!

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