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Matt Barber and Steve Crampton warns that Christians will be violently attacked by gays because gays are driven by perverted lust and a dark soul. Two Right Wing talking on a you tube video about the life of the average homosexual. Thus, they think, is not controlled by reason but a perverted lust and passion that has overwhelmed them. The homosexuals are eventually consumed by this “lust-filled, sex-centric, perversion-centric lifestyle” and ultimately driven by a “dark soul” to commit violent behavior.

The Life Of The Average Homosexual

Since when are anyone’s sexual desires ruled by reason? No one has control over who they find attractive. How many happily married men still turn their head when an attractive woman walks by? Telling homosexuals they have to live a life of celibacy is pure hypocrisy. Homosexuality is not more fueled by lust that heterosexuality is. If you are married and love your wife, does that mean your relationship is evil and fueled by lust? No. Well, that’s what a relationship is for a lot of homosexuals too.

The Internet offers opportunities for minority groups, not only for anti-gay-minority groups, to create virtual spaces in which their values are considered normative. Consequently, within the spaces of the Internet, gay culture has changed.

gay culture has changed

Dr. Mowlabocus said that gay identity is now largely a cyber one. Important elements of gay culture are carried by the Internet and other forms of digital communications. There are thousands of sites where gay males can communicate,  locally as also internationally. Many of these are specialized in their focus. Some are used for searching out dating relationships (like heterosexuals do). Others serve to bring together those desiring quick anonymous sex.

More than 185,000 people worldwide have signed a solidarity pledge with Russians who are calling on their government to stop the crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people that is fueling anti-gay violence. The world urges President Putin to show love and compassion for his fellow citizens who simply want to be who they are without sacrificing their family or freedom, safety or dignity. Furthermore we shouldn’t forget: God Says Homosexuality Is In

Joe Mirabella, Director of Communications for the international LGBT advocacy organization All Out


French lawmakers voted to establish legal marriage equality for the country’s same-sex couples. So the French parliament has become the 14th in the world to pass a law extending marriage to same sex couples. They cast their votes (a 331-to-225 final vote) after impassioned speeches by lawmakers for and against the legislation. Much to the anger of religious groups. French polls also revealed a gradual shift in public opinion. In a recent survey 58% said they supported same-sex marriage, while 53% opposed adoption by gay parents. France becomes the latest country to approve marriage for everyone, after New Zealand and Uruguay. Passage of the divisive bill will admit France to a small but growing club. President François Hollande has already pledged to sign the bill into law. Once the law is finalized, France will be the ninth country in Europe.

French voted YES - Same Sex Marriage

So when did you choose to be straight? And why should that choice be any better?

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San Francisco was the place to come. A lot of sex. Gay pride. America. But everything changed one day. Watch out guys, there is something out there – 30 years ago … AIDS changed peoples view on the gay community. AIDS, what was called the “Gay Plague” in the early 1980s. We were here by David Weissmann is the first documentary to take a look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco. An emotional piece of history we have to look at.

documentary, gay sex, AIDS, homosexual,

'We Were Here' is the first documentary to take a deep and reflective look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco.

We were here, gay documentary, documentary AIDS,

We Were Here, gay documentary, AIDS, gay community, 1981

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