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… some people get really upset by it, but a change is starting to happen around here and it’s because one teenage boy finally had the courage to stand against what he felt was wrong. He believed he could make a change. And I’ll tell you right now, it makes me happy to see him so happy. I never knew how unhappy he was until I could finally see how happy he could be. READ THIS >>>

A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”, gay blog, gay tumblr, gay people, gay men

More than 185,000 people worldwide have signed a solidarity pledge with Russians who are calling on their government to stop the crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people that is fueling anti-gay violence. The world urges President Putin to show love and compassion for his fellow citizens who simply want to be who they are without sacrificing their family or freedom, safety or dignity. Furthermore we shouldn’t forget: God Says Homosexuality Is In

Joe Mirabella, Director of Communications for the international LGBT advocacy organization All Out


In this case I like homophobia. It’s an impressive short film about an adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. It’s their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.

Powerful stuff – brilliant directing, great performances, beautiful photography, perfect audio and video quality, the dialogues are crystal clear. A cracking piece and the actors had me completely hooked. Just one think i didn’t like: Its too short. It feels like a piece of a feature film rather than a short film.

homophobia, gay movie, gay short film, LGBT

gay, homosexual, discrimination, gay shortfilm, gay movie

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gay movies, gay film, gay video, anonymous sexEver had anonymous gay sex with someone you met online? It’s legal.

mates, movie, film, gay movie, gay film, gay video, gay mates,  Antonio da Silva FilmsIt’s okay. Most of us have. We just don’t talk about it a lot. Fucking life! Hiper realista.

gay movie, gay film, gay videoThis kaleidoscopic short takes a graphic, unsimulated look at several seriously sexy hookups—cross-cutting between scenes of hot, hung men in action.

gay movie, gay film, gay video, matesIs it art or is it porn? Buttmagazine wouldn’t say no to Antonio or most of the guys he’s fucking around with in the video. This one is for adults only!

gay movie, gay video, gay film,A film by Antonio da Silva. Great video and fucking life! Left me thinking

gay movie, gay film, gay videoFor further information e-mail:

Mates on Buttmagazine

Interview with Antonio da Silva

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San Francisco was the place to come. A lot of sex. Gay pride. America. But everything changed one day. Watch out guys, there is something out there – 30 years ago … AIDS changed peoples view on the gay community. AIDS, what was called the “Gay Plague” in the early 1980s. We were here by David Weissmann is the first documentary to take a look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco. An emotional piece of history we have to look at.

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'We Were Here' is the first documentary to take a deep and reflective look back at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco.

We were here, gay documentary, documentary AIDS,

We Were Here, gay documentary, AIDS, gay community, 1981

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