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Old but good: The BUTT magazine is a completely aesthetic pornography release in an everyday design, plain and simple. You also could understand this regularly published issues as an art-magazine. Not only for the art of living, the art of how to find or change perspectives in the way we are thinking. BUTT is an art magazine. The pink paper reminds me of blotting paper. It stands for solving skills in crisis management. The deletion of conflict situations in life that happens to one. Anyway, it’s an open porn magazine – porn for mind and heart.

The BUTT Magazine is one of the outstanding magazines for gay men. It’s – in a way – a community for international homosexuals. Pink print culture in A5 format since 2001 became a flagship of homoerotic subculture. The butt magazine bonds at a gay porn aesthetics of the 70s. It is a part of the house supplement in the American Apparel stores around the globe. Therefore, it has probably made ​​its way out of the gay community in a broader, extensive target group of readers (or viewers). And because the booklet displays double-sided male flesh in God’s beauty. It illuminates the characters, the people and less what people want to sell. It looks pretty authentic.

BUTT is published by the Amsterdam fashion and lifestyle journalist Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, graphic designer. The magazine is not one of the technically flawless, interchangeable glossy magazines – butt magazine is more with quite unpretentious, rancid, silly pictures in therefore a way more authentic than the brilliant colleagues.

Great publication side to gay or LGBT News, Culture, Opinion and Conversations. Here you can read good arguments for so much perspectives on gay issues and nearly everything for example about the return of Lady Gaga, How To Figure Out If You’re Bisexual, AIDS epidemic, HIV, Anti-Gay Marriage Proponents, Prop 8, sexual orientation, …

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The man behind the following tumblr, titled Lago di Lot and that I would like to introduce today has

Straight Guys Anal Sex

Straight Guys Anal Sex

produced an excellent exhibition in the recent month. The instep breadth of the topics is wide and low. Sexuality, the poetic brutality of sexual obsession, tenderness, romance and also art are only a few words which aren’t describe the tumblr at all. Its audience is invited to have a look at the terrible reality of our gay existence in one of the most beautiful images I’ve seen on

Lago di Lot is still one of my favorite tumblr accounts, always a recommendation, worth-looking and for The Derailment always a source of inspiration as searching for gay themed material for my blog. Thank you Lago di Lot! Our recent recommendations towards your tumblr has made him one of the most clicked favorites of our users and this year.

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Easy-way-to-not-give-a-fuck is a tumblr.-weblog, seasoned with masculine image sections of extraordinarily handsome men from the gay population. I admit, this weblog is kept very smooth, easy in a way – models in black and white photography, which throws light on the muscles of men. There is hardly every face in perfect style, everything is perfect. It’s nothing special, it’s just professional eroticism, but pornographic.

easywaytonotgiveafuck is a beautiful blog giving you all the stuff of nude men and boys you are lookin for ...

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East Village Boys (EVB) is a New York-based online publication founded in 2008. The features and collaborations include the hottest new and undiscovered talent from around the world as well as the troublemaker, and include photographers, film makers, artists, musicians, performers, fashion designers, writers, and label-eschewing cultural forces.

Boy of the week is a photographic series on homosexuals. This week boy Quentin is born and raised in Paris. Photographer Austin Green made some images for EVB. Today Quentin calls New York, Brooklyn home. “One should not follow only one path in his life, but explore as many as possible”, Quentin sum up his feelings about his life.

Photography by Austin Green

Auf dem Portal der engagierten Kollegen von finden User eine (quantitative) Übersicht zu den bisher sondierten (oder durch die Blogger eingetragenen) knapp 2.000 Weblogs der Gay Community. Hier gibt es Gay Weblogs zu den Themen Gay News, Gay Models, Gay Photography, Gay Hairy Chests, Gay Underwear, Gay Directories, … Verzeiht diese Ausdrücke. Die Suchmaschinen lieben es und man findet somit die Tipps, auch solche wie diesen. Und ihr findet hierher. Ich finde Leser und ihr im Idealfall bisher unentdeckte Inhalte, Hilfestellungen rund um unser schwules Leben oder das Leben der Anderen.

Gay bodies, gay blogs, ...

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