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One hato love mein order to understand them. Being love is the unconditional availability to let the experience of every moment gently kiss antouch every place in us that it wants to touch. This post features the gently kisses of attractive male lips, of some cute and handsome guys – wether same sex orientated or not. Thats all … have a look! (As always: Click the pics!)

Cold or wet / Tired, you bet / All of this I’ll soon forget / With my man

gay couple, gay tumblr, gay nude boys, gay nude men, kissing gay menHe’s not much on looks / He’s no hero out of books
But I love him / Yes, I love him

gay men kissing, gay men tumblr, gay boy tumblr, gay men photography, nude gay boys[…] I don’t know why I should / He isn’t true
He beats me, too / What can I do?

gay men having sex, gay men tumblr, nude boys tumblr, gay kissing, gay men kissOh, my man, I love him so / He’ll never know
All my life is just despair / But I don’t care
When he takes me in his arms / The world is bright / All right

greatest love, men love, gay men love, gay boys loving, gay men having sexWhat’s the difference if I say / I’ll go away
When I know I’ll come back / On my knees someday

gay couple, homosexuals, gay boys, gay men tumblr, gay boy tumblr, nude boysFor whatever my man is / I’m his forevermore

Billie Holiday, My Man / Songwriters: Charles, Jaques / Willemetz, Albert / Yvain, Maurice / Pollock, Channing

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One of the most beautiful and untypical gay themed tumblr or gay gallery I’ve seen during the past days, with almost none to few boring clichés, no stereotypes, just wonderful natural male photographies for your hungry eyes, is titled sailingfree.

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-15 um 17.59.21

Gay Short Film: It's Time

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3. Gay Nude Men Tumblr Blogs

gay nude men tumblr blogs, gay nude men, gay nude boys, naked men, naked boys, gay blogs, gay tumblr

4. Vintage Gay Men – The Golden Age Of Gay

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5. Video: The Difference Of Straight And Gay Guys

difference between straight and gay guys, gay video, gay marriage

6. Vintage Gay Men – The Classic Pictures

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7. Nude Male Feet And Socks.

nude male feet socks, socks gay, gay feet

8. Vintage Gay Men – Pictures From The Past

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9. Male Art Tumblr Blogs For Men

male art tumblr, gay romance, gay art images

10. (Nude) Men Photography. Male Portraits. Natural Male Models.

nude men photography, male portraits, natural male models

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-18 um 17.09.06

Short Film: The Homosexual Life Style, Gay Movie

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