The Internet offers opportunities for minority groups, not only for anti-gay-minority groups, to create virtual spaces in which their values are considered normative. Consequently, within the spaces of the Internet, gay culture has changed.

gay culture has changed

Dr. Mowlabocus said that gay identity is now largely a cyber one. Important elements of gay culture are carried by the Internet and other forms of digital communications. There are thousands of sites where gay males can communicate,  locally as also internationally. Many of these are specialized in their focus. Some are used for searching out dating relationships (like heterosexuals do). Others serve to bring together those desiring quick anonymous sex.

Gay men are more exposed to body images issues, tells an investigation at the Ohio State University. Gay men may feel the need to gain muscle mass to prove to themselves and others they are indeed men. Scholars’ findings have suggested that gay men have higher body dissatisfaction than straight men. Being Attractive Is All That Matters. Gay men often see their value in term of form and physical attractiveness. Since gay men want to attract other men, the study says, they feel pressure to ensure that their physical appearance is as attractive as possible.

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Isn’t it interesting to see that the world’s most tolerance societies are also the happiest? The more tolerant countries are the most happy. The more homophobic places are more miserable. Tolerant people are more happy, it seems. Of course most of us knew this already: the question is, how do we tell the rest of them? Peace, love and goodwill are good for the soul – a difficult message to convey to someone struggling in harsh economic conditions, whether in Russia’s industrial wastelands or in Bradford. But it’s an important idealistic message: be happy, love your neighbour. [found: antidoteblog]

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Straight guys secretly love butt play. Many men associate this type of activity with homosexual behaviour, and immediately disregard it as an option in the bedroom. But there is no difference between staight or gay guys nerv endings – the prostate is the prostate and the nerve endings don’t care whether we like to have sex with boys or girls. When something feels good, it feels good. In fact, sales for the popular prostate-stimulating Aneros sex toy (The original male g-spot stimulator) have been reported to rise 100% each year since 2004. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn’t but maybe also breaking taboos is sexy. Variety is sexy. Being vulnerable is sexy.

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Successful sites like or cast guys and they don’t limit models to one particular type or sexual orientation. Most of their models are straight – they say so. On the page they ask if you (as a straight guy) have ever fantasized about blowing a hot straight guy. They like to have fun about what’s left of the taboo with other men. Men like to get best scream out orgasm, don’t they? We think, the average straight man love a little back-door attention. The average straight guy is secretly interested in having his female partner explore his bum. But there is – like in so many cases – fear. Many times, this fear prevents some men from experimenting with anal sex or fingering, which can actually be quite satisfying. And we all know: Penetration itself is mind-blowingly pleasurable, and the stimulation of our prostate leads to the most powerful orgasms ever.

If a straight guy loves bum play it may depends on his own level of homophobia or if anal sex has automatically something in common with homosexuality. If a guy is open-minded then it is nothing more than something else to try in the bedroom. Furthermore it could be very good for health of prostate and can stimulate the prostate: In addition to newly researched anti-cancer benefits of prostate massage, there are plenty of sensitive nerve endings around the anus that respond to gentle stimulation.

More straight guys than admit it crave to have their anuses stimulated and penetrated. The stereotype that male anal eroticism equals homosexuality is sexist, homophobic, and entirely false. Unfortunately, it persists among women as well as men, making it difficult for many men to fulfill a deep, persistent desire.

For the straight guys (we know you visit our blog many times): If you are curious, there are several very important things to keep in mind: start small, go slow, and use plenty of lube. Anal stimulation can be extremely pleasurable on its own, but it’s also known for intensifying orgasms. Try to sit back, relax, and enjoy the new sensations.

Fortunately, there are signs of change. Consider the massive quantitites of porn on the internet having to do with strap-on dildos and analingus, with women giving it to men. And all the anal toys marketed for male use, from butt plugs to prostate massagers and vibrators.

Anal sex is possible for most couples. There is a common misconception that anal sex is practised almost exclusively by gay men. One third of gay couples do not include anal intercourse in their sexual activities. It’s thought that about ten per cent of heterosexual couples have anal intercourse. In absolute numbers, more heterosexual couples have anal sex than homosexual couples, because many more people are heterosexual.

If you want to read more information about anal sex, …

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