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Until now and since I began to discover the net for topics dealing with cute boys sex, underwear, beards, socks, butts, muscles and handsome men, it appears to me that some homosexual blogs ignore masculine charm, mags or zines on the internet represent simplistic point of views, contents without love, superficial understanding on LGBT-Life, often things are cliched and stereotyped. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying, I certainly do not want to cause a feeling of how bad everything is – it isn’t. There are a lot of ambitous and alternative blogs, mags & zines. But there is also a huge selection without humor and in addition to that gay photographies often are frequently reduced to loveless masturbating, brutal fucking or partly strong masculine self-awareness. Strangly however even the gay community not infrequently reduces homosexuality, masculine energy or male attractiveness exclusively to emotionally cold sexuality, without taking account of love or especially aesthetics. But in real we all live in contrast to that, because life is more poetic, erotic, beautiful, worth living, fulfilling …  – have a look at all of our galleries and the handsome, strong and passionate males within below!

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One of the most beautiful and untypical gay themed tumblr or gay gallery I’ve seen during the past days, with almost none to few boring clichés, no stereotypes, just wonderful natural male photographies for your hungry eyes, is titled sailingfree.

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-15 um 17.59.21

Gay Short Film: It's Time

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Category: Erotic, Poetic & Sexual

Becoming aware also entails threcognition of the power directed at one’s own sex: homoeroticism. 

So, you already like intensive homoerotic atmosphere or you feel a need to learn more about men having sex with men? Maybe you are a heterosexual and use to search for porn in the internet and it wasn’ t a mistake to follow the link to my page. Well, I don’t mind how you would call your sexual preference. On this site everyone should only be of legal age to be part of the audience. Because we would like to show some selected real erotically laden visual fantasies, derisively exaggerated gay self-portraits, contemporary gay art and in a few seconds you will find – besides dozens of skinny gay (vintage) pictures – every nuance of powerful artistic, often subliminal homoerotical expression in our gallery-archiv on tumblr. Have fun but watch with care and take your time!

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Remember: We are wether an unpolitical free gay porn site nor mindless towards our readers needs or education. We are a free gay orientation centre for visual data of (sometimes) unclothed boys and men, with selected gay themes, homoerotic topics, sexy images, spectacular links and videos. And u have the choice to choose from all the content stuff if you want to consume or if u’ll satisfy your needs, your big desire, horniness

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Category: Gay Tumblr Archives

Well, The Derailment (TD) is – obiously – a homoerotic blog but also we have a (homo-) erotic tumblr with tons of homoerotic visuals too. So, you can get the whole but non-selected images on our tumblr data base here and if you really want selected topics / galleries by tags (chest, vintage, muscles …), you can get an overview here. Should all that not satisfy you yet, we have categorised and made all our picture springs available for you in the right side strip.

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These are our recent recommendations to homosexual themed tumblr archives you were followed the most:

01. feetsandinches
02. hypnopompia
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04. sockboii
05. bonjourtyty
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07. boyskeepswinging
08. vintagegaymen
09. boystoboys
10. easywaytonotgiveafuck

feetsandinches tumblr, feet, gay feet, gay inches, gay socks, gay men in socks, hot gay socks

In our homoerotic tumblr galleries you can find countless recommendations on gay tumblr accounts. In the attached notes below every single gay erotic image you will find the one who posted the picture first and so you can find out each single source.

homoerotic tumblr galleries, homoerotic images, gay tumblr, erotic tumblr, nude male, naked boys, gay blogs

Below our top ten tumblr galleries (by clicks) – just only the links purposely without visuals, curated by The Derailment (TD) on tumblr; simply select your favorite (tagged link) and see the gay erotic exhibitions!


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