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You are looking for hard facts? You can find them without detours: For everyone we roll out the gay sources (tumblr, blogs, websites, videos) in our right side bar. There you can find a hugh variety of categorized and sorted links to horny hot skinny boys, muscled visuals and homoerotic facts, stunning gay eroticism, gay pornography, gay photographygay fetish, menswear, incredible fashionbest gay tumblrsvideostrailermusic, arts and so much more incredible issues. And if you have cravings for gay men photography, click the pictures below!

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The man behind the following tumblr, titled Lago di Lot and that I would like to introduce today has

Straight Guys Anal Sex

Straight Guys Anal Sex

produced an excellent exhibition in the recent month. The instep breadth of the topics is wide and low. Sexuality, the poetic brutality of sexual obsession, tenderness, romance and also art are only a few words which aren’t describe the tumblr at all. Its audience is invited to have a look at the terrible reality of our gay existence in one of the most beautiful images I’ve seen on

Lago di Lot is still one of my favorite tumblr accounts, always a recommendation, worth-looking and for The Derailment always a source of inspiration as searching for gay themed material for my blog. Thank you Lago di Lot! Our recent recommendations towards your tumblr has made him one of the most clicked favorites of our users and this year.

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Gay Short Films, Gay Movies, Gay Cinema, Gay Videos
gay movies, gay film, gay video, anonymous sexEver had anonymous gay sex with someone you met online? It’s legal.

mates, movie, film, gay movie, gay film, gay video, gay mates,  Antonio da Silva FilmsIt’s okay. Most of us have. We just don’t talk about it a lot. Fucking life! Hiper realista.

gay movie, gay film, gay videoThis kaleidoscopic short takes a graphic, unsimulated look at several seriously sexy hookups—cross-cutting between scenes of hot, hung men in action.

gay movie, gay film, gay video, matesIs it art or is it porn? Buttmagazine wouldn’t say no to Antonio or most of the guys he’s fucking around with in the video. This one is for adults only!

gay movie, gay video, gay film,A film by Antonio da Silva. Great video and fucking life! Left me thinking

gay movie, gay film, gay videoFor further information e-mail:

Mates on Buttmagazine

Interview with Antonio da Silva

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Category: Erotic, Poetic & Sexual

Becoming aware also entails threcognition of the power directed at one’s own sex: homoeroticism. 

So, you already like intensive homoerotic atmosphere or you feel a need to learn more about men having sex with men? Maybe you are a heterosexual and use to search for porn in the internet and it wasn’ t a mistake to follow the link to my page. Well, I don’t mind how you would call your sexual preference. On this site everyone should only be of legal age to be part of the audience. Because we would like to show some selected real erotically laden visual fantasies, derisively exaggerated gay self-portraits, contemporary gay art and in a few seconds you will find – besides dozens of skinny gay (vintage) pictures – every nuance of powerful artistic, often subliminal homoerotical expression in our gallery-archiv on tumblr. Have fun but watch with care and take your time!

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Remember: We are wether an unpolitical free gay porn site nor mindless towards our readers needs or education. We are a free gay orientation centre for visual data of (sometimes) unclothed boys and men, with selected gay themes, homoerotic topics, sexy images, spectacular links and videos. And u have the choice to choose from all the content stuff if you want to consume or if u’ll satisfy your needs, your big desire, horniness

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Be thankful for what you’ve got! Today we would like to thank warmly our supporters, the operators of all the homoerotic blogs, gay tumblrs and websites, which bring us continuously visitors on our sides, gay galleries, with the result that there is – in a way – more attention to gay themed topics, activism, documentaries (and a better page-rank). More international attention. Means public.

So, please, never forget, we use all the homoerotic pictures (or some may say: pornographic ones) to transport the heavy topics on our site. It helps the stuff to coming out. Every single week we count more visitors. Thank you from the buttom of our … We will try to return the attention back to these supporters / activists, international networks ( too!), gay blogs, because we always get more of this attention and we will give it back to them, to the people who feed us with their materials, so that these people can grow too – with their projects when we cause traffic back to them. Never forget: You get what you fuckin’ give.

the derailment, gay homoerotic nude men, male nude boysBesides, it concerns mainly the tumblr accounts which publish pictures from our galleries on there sides and which are obviously linked with The Derailment. It is impossible to list every single tumblr which supports us in this way, however, the following are those which have brought us most visitors last month. Thanks a million! We hope  we can turn this over today and give you love back a little. Here they are:

the derailment, gay homoerotic nude men, male nude boys
The contents of these pages are not recommended for minors.

… (much more)

These are our recent recommendations to homosexual themed tumblr archives you were followed the most:

01. feetsandinches
02. hypnopompia
03. versushotboys
04. sockboii
05. bonjourtyty
06. socksvsfeet
07. boyskeepswinging
08. vintagegaymen
09. boystoboys
10. easywaytonotgiveafuck

feetsandinches tumblr, feet, gay feet, gay inches, gay socks, gay men in socks, hot gay socks

In our homoerotic tumblr galleries you can find countless recommendations on gay tumblr accounts. In the attached notes below every single gay erotic image you will find the one who posted the picture first and so you can find out each single source.

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Below our top ten tumblr galleries (by clicks) – just only the links purposely without visuals, curated by The Derailment (TD) on tumblr; simply select your favorite (tagged link) and see the gay erotic exhibitions!


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