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Short films sometimes have more content, more substance than the regular two-hour film strips, we watch in cinemas or on tv/dvd. Short films are an entertaining format, properly applied, they can tell a lot in an easy way. Movies can offer people who have little contact with a gay-themed world, a risk-free look. The artistic exploration is for many more simple to digest, I guess – that’s because I love the artistically exploration. In the following I would like to recommend some films which contents I like in a way (sometimes only for the substantive ideas). In the future more will follow. I am delighted to have further recommendations on your part.

Gay Short Film: Tunel Rosso, The Derailment, Homosexual, Gay Cinema, Gay Movies, Gay Film, Gay Video

Short Film: The Morning After, Gay Movie

Short Film: The Homosexual Life Style, Gay Movie

gay short film, gay cinema, gay movie, gay, homosexual

Gay Short Film: It's Time

Traces (Gay Short) Part 1

Heart - Gay Themed Short Movie

One on One, gay short film

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